Robert Mowat Associates

City Hall Park – SSF

City Hall Park

Utilizing the City’s rich history, Robert Mowat Associates revitalized a small playground on the grounds of City Hall. The play area is complemented by an educational history wall illustrating South San Francisco’s early beginnings. The wall is built from bricks salvaged and preserved by the City’s Historic Preservation Commission from a demolished 1886 Fuller O’Brien paint factory. The panels written by our firm detail the Civic Center buildings, the downtown area, Sign Hill (on the State’s List of Historic Landmarks) and the Fuller O’Brien building. The wall educates children during play. The play area is a monochromatic blue color scheme so as to not compete with historic structures. The benches are Victorian styled with the words “South San Francisco – 1908” embossed on the sides. Precast columns echo this date. A Beaux Arts styled iron fence safely contains children in the play area.

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