Robert Mowat Associates

Palmilla Park


This 2.4 acre park master planned by our firm includes a number of active recreational uses and serves a diverse group of park users. Play areas, passive sitting and contemplative areas, walking trails, seating, picnic and BBQ areas and a water play park make up the main parts to this new park. Created to serve a new community, it adjoins a swim recreational center also designed by our firm.

Large areas for social picnic and gathering are provided under shade arbors. Large lawn areas allow for active recreation. A fog play park was designed around the concept of a frog pond setting. Nearby Marsh Creek holds a valuable habitat for California fauna and the play fog park provides a direct visceral connection to the nearby creek. This fun and creative solution for play provides a cooling setting in Brentwood during the hot summer months. Custom concrete frogs, fish and resilient play paving designs were created to further the concept of creek imagery.

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