Robert Mowat Associates

Union City

A major extension of regional Highway 84 through the City of Union City necessitated a new land plan for the City’s existing corporation yard. The corp yard houses all of the City’s metro bus facilities along with another transit agencies fleet of buses. The property contains all of the City’s ongoing maintenance facilities and personnel. Police impound quarters, street cleaning machinery, tree trimming trucks, fleet maintenance, landscape maintenance programs and recycled hazardous waste materials are all located within this facility. RMA was hired to create a new land plan analyzing the existing uses and traffic flow patterns and create a new configuration for all yard facilities and activities. The proposed Highway 84 extension created a taking of lands from the City’s yard and a new circulation program and spatial layout was required. RMA created three new conceptual land plans and presented these to the City. Following several meetings, a 10 year plan was successfully created incorporating all of the existing uses and new space requirements into one functional layout.

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