Robert Mowat Associates

Charter Oaks




The HOA Board of a large collection of townhomes in the Silicon Valley town of Los Gatos retained Robert Mowat Associates to provide a new vision of resource conservation for their landscaped spaces. Aging plant materials and outdated irrigation systems were all in desperate need of revitalization.  California’s drought brought about a renewed urgency for the community and the HOA board to rethink their existing plantings and irrigation systems.  Robert Mowat Associates is working with the community and HOA Board designing new drought tolerant plant compositions for the wide range of site conditions. Our firm is also re-envisioning a new, technologically advanced irrigation system that utilizes state of the art irrigation technologies.  RMA will be using climate based water scheduling, internet scheduling apps and sub surface irrigation as just a few of the technologies to decrease the community’s water use by 50%.

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