Robert Mowat Associates

Palmilla – Botanica


Robert Mowat Associates were instrumental in a planning entitlement process on a sensitive 90 acre site in Brentwood. The original land plan was developed by the architect of record. RMA as part of the consultant team, created conceptual open spaces, recreational and community amenities that met both City and regional goals. RMA refined the public open spaces by creating a clear hierarchy of recreational and passive open spaces. The firm prepared a series of open space and recreational design exhibits that were reviewed by the City and numerous public stake holders. Several private groups became actively involved in the creek environment through the public review process. RMA worked with the City and the various private parties to achieve a balanced solution to their concerns. RMA  is designing 1.5 miles of trails, 6 acres of open space and recreational areas, 3 public parks and a streetscape green corridor linking the downtown with the community.

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