Robert Mowat Associates


PalmillaPalmilla is a large single family community comprised of 199 homes that range in size from starter homes to large move up family homes. 41 acres of planned community contain 5-1/2 acres parkland with 1.5 miles of public trails. RMA performed design services for all of the public landscape areas. Central to this community are 3 large park areas. RMA designed numerous community spaces and activities to take place within Palmilla. Included are playgrounds, trails, creek interpretive areas, BBQ and picnic facilities, fog play park, shade arbors, bocce and basketball courts, art work, seating, bicycle repair stations, bike rest stops, lookouts and lawn play spaces. Two parks highlight the ecology of nearby Marsh Creek through native plantings, educational signage and accompanying art work. Native styled landscapes include specific areas for the collection and treatment of storm water runoff. Runoff from the entire community will be cleansed prior to entering the nearby Marsh Creek habitat. A colorful masonry wall was designed to surround the community and enhance a dramatic Palm tree lined entry. Landscaped streetscapes and medians were also designed with low maintenance and water consuming plantings.


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